When a user submits a request they can be asked to provide more information to help the team responding deal with the request more efficiently. In some instances, such as medical alerts, the sender may need to add details for minor incidents, or they may need assistance urgently and there might need to skip the extra information step. In other instances such as if a student hasn't attended a class, the extra information is need to update records and needs to be a mandatory part of the request. QuickCall 4 allows for all these situations.

To configure data collection follow these steps


Step 1

Log in to the QuickCall 4 Manager and click on the Buttons icon.

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Step 2

Select the button you want to amend and click on the edit icon

 id43 002

Step 3

To enable the sender data collection function, click on the Prompt  sender for comment box in the Comment / Information section

 id43 003

Step 4

Enter a prompt title in the Title for sender comment prompt box field so the user knows what information they need to provide, in this example we'll ask a staff member to provide the student name when raising a behaviour support request.

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When a user submits a behaviour response with these settings saved they will be prompted to enter the student name as requested in the previous step

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Step 5

By default requested user information is mandatory and the request cannot be submitted until something has been entered in the request dialogue.

To allow the user to leave a blank response tick the Allow sender comment to be blank checkbox.

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Step 6

Click Save and Close



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