Scenario Three – Customer Support Centre

Assistance, targeted support and multi-department communication.


A mid-sized company has a support centre that deals with phone calls and is also open to the public. When a customer needs support they go through a brief triage process with a member of staff who then may need to call upon a specialist to assist. The company also has security team working in the building and a facilities team on call. The call centre has the need to alert a centre manager in case a caller becomes abusive.


Each public facing member of staff has a computer terminal to enable them to record details of the issues being raised, QuickCall is installed on each of these and a button is added with links to the specialist teams, there are also buttons added for security and facilities should they need support. When these buttons are pressed each group member receives an alert, one person acknowledges the message which tells the rest of the team that the request is being dealt with. In the case of the specialist teams, the response includes how long the member of the public will have to wait in case the specialist team is busy.


The call centre employees have a button added to their QuickCall panel which allows them to call the duty manager or management team when pressed. The team member gets a response telling them who is on the way.



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