When a request is sent QuickCall 4 shows the image of the staff member sending the request.

We advise, where possible, to upload all staff photographs to QuickCall 4. 


Step 1

Log in to the QuickCall 4 Manager and click on the Users icon.

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Step 2

Select the user you wish to add the photograph to and click on the Edit User button

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Step 3

Check that the user has a title (Mr, Mrs, Ms etc).

When users are transferred automatically from Active Directory the user title field is not always used and therefore doesn't get added to QuickCall 4. 

You will be unable to save the user record until the Title field is completed.

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Step 4

Click on the folder icon under the photograph box and select the user photograph.

The image should ideally have an aspect ratio of 1:1 (ie square), and should be either PNG or JPG

Click on Open to load the image.

 id38 004

Step 5

Click Save and Close

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