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Installing with built in Microsoft SQL Express 2017
Installing using an existing Microsoft SQL Server
Setting an access password for the management console
Only allow one instance of QuickCall to run at a time.
Linking QuickCall 4 to Microsoft Active Directory
Manually synchronise with Active Directory
Deploy QuickCall4 via Group Policy
Setup workstation locations
Setting the display name defaults
Deleting Active Directory group mapping
Linking Microsoft Active Directory user groups to QuickCall 4 groups
Creating User Groups
Deleting user groups
Adding user photographs
Allow users to close QuickCall 4
Allow users to turn on "Do Not Disturb"
Add a response comment request
Set a request to be received by all computers
Set a request to be received by all users
Add a button to all computers - Group Independent
Add a button to all users - Group Independent
Hiding the respond button
Automatically close requests
Disable the "request sent" confirmation
Hide the sender's location when a request is sent
Hide the sender's name when a request is sent
Changing how button is triggered
Enabling the sender to select a receiver when submitting a request
Assigning groups as request receivers
Assigning individual users as request receivers
Assigning individual workstations as a request receivers
Assigning a button to individual workstations
Assigning a button to a group of users
Removing a button from a group, computer or user.
Assigning a button to individual users
Collecting information from the sender when a request is submited
Ask the sender to confirm before a request is sent
Enabling and Disabling a button
Changing the request border colour
Adding a sound to a button
Creating a basic button
Checking database settings
Create a New Class in Consortium
Academic Year Creation Checklist
Defining the Teaching Day
Week Day Mapping

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