Before group mapping can be set up QuickCall 4 must be successfully configured to synchronise with Active Directory 

Before linking groups make a note of the groups that require linking and create QuickCall 4 groups in preparation


By linking QuickCall 4 to existing Active Directory groups a large part of the systems administration can be dealt with automatically.

With QuickCall 4's automatic sychronisation any users added to Active Directory will automatically be created and added to the correct groups.

There is no limit to the number of groups that can be synchronised, but each QuickCall 4 group can only be linked to one Active Directory group.



Step 1

Log in to the QuickCall 4 Manager and click on the settings icon, and then the Groups Mappings tab.

id21 001

Step 2

Click on the + symbol to right of the mapping pane

 id21 002

Step 3

Click OK to load information from Active Directory.

Whilst loading QuickCall 4 may appear to be unresponsive, this is normal, please wait for the next dialog to load.

The link between Active Directory and QuickCall 4 can take some time when initially connecting.

To save having to wait each time a mapping is created we advise that you create all groups initially following the instructions in Creating User Groups before setting up any group mappings.

Once the initial Active Directory connection is established this process is significantly quicker.

 id21 003

 Step 4

The mapping dialog will appear pre-loaded with all Active Directory groups and QuickCall 4 groups

 id21 004

Step 5

Use the drop-down to select the Active Directory group you want to map.


In this example we are mapping the "All Staff" group in active directory to the "Staff" group in QuickCall 4

 id21 005

id21 006

Step 6

Select the QuickCall 4 group from the GreenGate group drop-down

 id21 007

Step 7

Click Save to map the group


id21 008
QuickCall 4 will add any new users and update group memberships during it's next scheduled synchronisation


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