The recommended method for deploying the QuickCall 4 client is to use Microsoft Active Directory and Group Policy. The following steps show how to set up clients to automatically install on Active Directory connected workstations.


In this example all the target workstations are in an organisational unit called Computers with Active Directory

id35 001

Step 1

Load the Group Policy Management Console from a domain admin account.

Browse to Group Policy Objects folder under the relevant domain folder.

id35 002

Step 2

Right click on the Group Policy Objects folder and select New

Enter Deploy QuickCall 4 in the Name section and click Ok

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Step 3

Expand the Group Policy Objects folder, locate the new policy.

Right click on the Deploy QuickCall 4 policy and select Edit

id35 004

Step 4

 Expand Computer Configuration, Policies, Software Settings

Right click on Software Installation and select New - Package

 id35 005

Step 5

Locate the QuickCall 4 - Client.msi file. 

When QuickCall 4 is installed a share is created on the host server in readiness for deployment, this can accessed by entering the following into the location field, replacing MS01 with the name of the host server:



Select the client MSI and click Open




 id35 006

Step 6

Select Advanced and click OK


 id35 007

Step 7

Click on the Deployment tab and check Uninstall the application when it falls out of the scope of management

click OK to close the dialogue


id35 008

Step 8

Under Computer Configuration, Preferences, Windows Settings, Files right click in the files list and select New - File


 id35 009

Step 9

Select Update from the Action list.

in the Source files(s) section enter


replacing MS01 with the name of the host server.

in the Destination File section enter:

C:\Program Files (x86)\GreenGate Software Solutions\QuickCall 4\connection.ini


 id35 010

Step 10

Click on the Common tab and check Remove this item when it is no longer applied then click Apply to close the window.

id35 011

Step 11

In the Group Policy Management Console, browse to the organisational unit which contains the workstations that require QuickCall 4, right click and select Link an Existing GPO


id35 012

Step 12

Select Deploy QuickCall 4 and click OK

id35 013
When the workstations restart QuickCall 4 will be installed automatically


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