Buttons are how groups communicate within QuickCall 4.

The system allows for a vast range of different configurations and can be tailored for just about any requirement.

All buttons need a few basic elements.

This is how to setup a basic button.


Step 1

Log in to the QuickCall 4 Manager and click on the Buttons icon.

id37 001

Step 2

To the right of the first panel click on the + button to open the button settings page.


id37 002

Step 3

Give the button a title.

In this example we are going to create a behaviour support request button, so enter the title Behaviour Support Request

id37 003

Step 4

Enter the text that will be displayed to the user recieving the message in the Popup message box

in this example we will enter Behaviour Support Needed as the message

 id37 004

Step 5

Click on the folder symbol in the Button Image section and load the image the button will.

QuickCall 4 installs a set of 250+ icons for use with your buttons, these can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\GreenGate Software Solutions\QuickCall 4\Sample Button Images

In this example we are going to use the Disturbance_Matt_Black.png icon

Select the file and click Open



 id37 006

Step 6

Click on the Senders tab and click on Add Group


id37 007

Step 7

In this example all the teachers are going to be able to send a behaviour support request.

Type Te in the search box and Teachers group will appear in the results box beneath, click on this and click Add

id37 008

Step 8

Click on the Receivers tab and click Add Group

id37 009

Step 9

In this example the behaviour team members will receive the alerts.

Type Be in the search box and Behaviour Support should appear in the results box, click on this and click Add

id37 010

Step 10

Click Save and Close

Click Ok

id37 011

Members of the teachers group will now recieve the new button. 

When a user is first assigned a button the new QuickCall 4 icon will not appear until their next login



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