QuickCall 4 allows a button to be assigned to a large number of receivers and can give the sender the option to select a subset of these when they raise a request.  

This function can be used as a targeted messaging system for emergency notes.

For example if there is a group of students who have an after-school event an "all teachers" button could be used and the sender could select the student's class teachers when the request is send to avoid having to create new buttons for infrequently changed or transient groups.

Before enabling the runtime select feature review the articles to add users, computers and groups as request receivers.


Step 1

Log in to the QuickCall 4 Manager and click on the Buttons icon.

id43 001 

Step 2

Select the button you want to amend and click on the edit icon

 id43 002

Step 3

Click on the Receivers tab

 id44 003

Step 4

Add the users and groups who will receive the request.

When a user clicks on a button they are given a list of users which is generated by combining the individual users and the group members.


Step 5

Check the Select recipients during request checkbox


Click Save and Close

 id51 004


When a sender clicks on a button they will be given the option to select which receivers to target.

 id51 005


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