Please complete the Academic Week Planner spreadsheet and email it to your account manager to import into your Consortium database.

The 2021 to 2022 sheet can be found in the download section here.

The majority of the data is already present, you will need to complete columns D, E and G onwards

Firstly remove unwanted rows from the start and the end of the year, and then enter the correct information as described below.

Column D

This is the school week number, i.e. 1 to 39, where registers are not taken please leave the cell blank.

Column E

This is the type of day, i.e., is it a teaching day, a holiday or a weekend.

The codes for each day type are:

HO (Holiday)

TD (Teaching Day)

TR (Training Day)

WE (Weekend).

The only type of day that will accept a register is a (TD) Teaching Day

Column G etc.

These columns define the teaching week numbers for establishments that run a multi-week timetable, if the centres only have a one week timetable enter 1 in all columns. At the top of each column enter the URN of the teaching centre and then assign each day to a teaching week (the URN can be found by visiting the DfE website here and searching for the school or via Administration\Timetable Report on the Consortium site).

Additional Information Required:

If you plan to run a two week timetable please make your account manager aware when you submit the Academic Week Planner, othewise the week model will be setup based on the information provided in the template.

NOTE: The new academic year will be set to run from the first teaching day and will end on the last teaching day as set out in the Academic Week Planner, if you wish to use different start and end dates please make provide this information alongside the completed template.

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