Classes in Consortium and linked to an academic year, as part of the academic year setup all classes need to be recreated.

To create a new class, either during the year or as part of setting up the new academic year, follow these steps:

In Consortium browse to Administraton\Class Manager

Click on Create New Class

Select the main teaching site.

Select the correct academic year

Enter a unique class code and class name

Enter the DfE QAN code and select the correct course from the drop-down.

Enter the dates the class runs from and to.

Click Save

To bulk copy classes from one year to the next

The batch copy function is designed to be used only when creating a new academic year. It should be used with caution as once a class is created it can not be deleted, always double check the selections that are made.

The bulk copy function is accessed by browsing to Administration\Timetable Report and scroll to the class setup section. Click on "Click here to transfer classes to a new academic year", click ok on the popup.

Select the source year - this is the year from which you want to copy the classes. Click Select

Select the target year and click Select

Check the box next to all the classes you want to duplicate and click Copy.


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