To get you started QuickCall 4 installs with several pre-defined user groups.

It is good practice to limit the QuickCall 4 user groups to those that are going to be used in the deployment and remove any that are not.

To remove the unwanted groups follow the instructions here.

To add user groups in QuickCall 4 start by loading the QuickCall 4 Manager


Step 1

Log in to the QuickCall 4 Manager and click on the settings icon, and then the Groups tab.

id20 001

Step 2

Click on the Add button on the right-hand menu


id20 002

 Step 3

Give the group a name and description.

 id20 003

 Step 4

Use the chevrons to select an icon for the group, this makes it easier to identiy in the management console.


Step 5

Tick the Enable/Active check box

Step 6

Click Update to save the group

Step 7

Click Save on the Management Console.

If you don't carry out this step the new group will not be saved.

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