Scenario One - Secondary School

Attendance, behaviour, first-aid, support and lockdown.


This school has several teams of staff that all need connecting, this includes a behaviour support team, first aid responders, an attendance team, an IT support team, premises staff and a science technician. They also need a solution to lock down the school.

QuickCall provides a simple to use solution for this scenario


The behaviour support team need contacting quickly and need to know the staff member and location of the call. A button is added to all teacher’s QuickCall panel, which when clicked once sends all the required information to the behaviour team. The behaviour team respond to the alert and message appears on the teachers screen to signal that help is on the way and which member of staff is attending.


The first aid team also need contacting very quickly but it may be helpful to give them a little more information to make sure they bring the correct equipment. A button is added to all the staff’s QuickCall panel. When this is clicked the staff member has the option to give more details or they can just send the alert. Each first aider receives an alert and an audible alarm, detailing the emergency, location and staff member making the call, if they are close to the location of the emergency they then respond, this then tells the other first aiders that the emergency is being dealt with. The staff member will receive a message telling them that the call has been answered and who is on the way.


The attendance team need to know if students are missing from lessons quickly at the start of the class. To solve this all teachers are given an attendance button on their QuickCall panel. When this button is pressed the teacher is asked to give details of the missing student, as this is needed by the attendance team, QuickCall won’t let the teacher send the message without providing the informationThe attendance staff receives the information and sends an acknowledgement back to the teacher.


If teachers need in-lesson support with IT, if a science practical lesson needs the help of the science technician, or if there’s spillage that requires the assistance of the premises team, QuickCall allows the teacher to call the relevant team without leaving the class or having to type an email which may not be received until later in the day. QuickCall gives the school the ability to add a button for each department to the teachers’ QuickCall panel. The teacher can call for support and give details of their requirements. The appropriate support team receive a notification with the staff member and location details. The team member responding to the request acknowledges the notification which tells the teacher that they are on their way.


For a school wide lockdown there is a need for any member of staff to alert the leadership of a potential problem, however staff themselves shouldn’t be able to put the school in lockdown. QuickCall provides a simple way to implement a robust lockdown procedure. Each member of staff has a Lockdown button added to their QuickCall panel, to prevent it being pressed by mistake it is setup to only activate when left clicked, the staff member can give details if needed but this may not be possible. The alert is received by the senior leadership who then investigate further. If there is a need to lock down the school the principal or their deputy presses a lockdown button that is only assigned to their account. Once this is pressed all workstations on site emit a siren to alert staff to lock down their area of school. When the issue has been resolved the principal or deputy presses the all-clear button on their QuickCall panel which then sounds a notification on all workstations across site to signal lockdown is no longer needed.



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