Use this list to ensure all elements of the new year are in place ready for the start of the new academic year. Many items rely on others, for this reason it is best to complete the steps in order.


Before starting with the creation of a new academic year the Consortium team will complete the following tasks on your behalf, your accounf manager will inform you when these are complete.

  • Download QAN data from the DfE
  • Import DfE qualifications
  • Import DfE authorised awarding bodies
  • Import information regarding discount codes
  • Import DfE approved courses

1 - Week Day Mapping

Complete and submit the details of the teaching year, this is used by the Consortium team to define your new teaching year. Once the information has been submitted to your account manager they will let you know when the  new year is ready to use and when the next step can be started.

Click here for instructions on completing this step.

2 - Defining the teaching day

Complete and submit information to setup the teaching day

Click here for instructions on compleing this step.

3 - Check each sites MIS

  • Each site should check that all staff are set up correctly on their MIS.
  • The MIS exporter is running correctly (Browse to Administration\DataExporter Status) 
  • That students details are correct on the home MIS. If setting up for year 12 for the following academic year make sure year 11 students are being transferred to Consortium.
  • Check that staff and students are appearing on Consortium
  • Check that teaching staff have teacher access to the system and that they have logged in to Consortium.
  • Year groups should automatically update from the home site MIS, however if you change year group information int he MIS you will need to re-map groups via Administration\Year Group Manager in Consortium.
  • Form groups are mapped from the home site MIS, check that all form groups are created and mapped using Adminstration\Form Group Manager in Consortium.

 4 - Setup classes via Consortium

Click here for instructions on how to create classes and how to bulk copy classes from one year to another.

5 - Assign class sesions and staff in Consortium

 New tools have recently been created to make this element of the timetabling process simpler, more information will follow shortly.

6 - Assign students to classes

 Your account manager will work with you directly to find the best method of adding students to classes to fit your working practices.

If you can't find an answer in our knowledge base please use our support section and submit a ticket.

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